Combining Digital and Film in Wedding Photography

Film photography vs digital, the question that never dies. Every couple of years, wedding photography goes through a trend where film makes a comeback. A new point-and-shoot camera, a medium format that sells for 4x what it could be purchased for brand new – it’s all photographers talk about. And for good reason – the original medium for photography is film. Here’s why I choose to incorporate both digital and film photography in all my weddings and sessions:

Timeless Look

While the popularity of film photography vs digital can ebb and flow, the timeless look lives on. When you’re looking at your grandparent’s wedding photos, you marvel how much better those photos look so much better than your iPhone. And it’s for good reason – film photography takes away the filters and the presets and reacts to color in a way that provides a certain look that never goes out of style.

Depth and Dimension

Film photography includes a chemical reaction to light that isn’t replicated digitally. This is why when you compare film photography vs digital, the film gives a richer image with depth and dimension. While photographers add this later in editing with digital photography, that film look isn’t fully replicated.

Ability to Match Filmstocks

We’re seeing ton of progress with digital photography editing tools that allow photographers to edit the digital to match the film more cohesively. It’s now possible to shoot a mix of film and digital during the day and then match the digital to the film afterward. Using these methods, a good photographer gives you a cohesive gallery, bringing in the beauty of the film with the high-resolution images of digital.

Film Photography vs Digital Gallery Example

I’ve included a gallery below with examples of both film and digital photography. Can you spot the difference?

For a deeper look at film vs digital in general, check out The Dark Room’s comparison post.

To view more of my galleries combining film and digital, head back to my main blog page.

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