4 Benefits of Breaking Tradition with Elopements

Couple eloping in Arizona, standing back to back

I think we can all agree that the wedding industry has gotten out of control. It seems like each wedding has to upstage the next, and it’s just hard to keep up. Luckily there has been a shift toward elopements which recenter the day around what’s important – you and your partner getting freaking married!

A great way to do that is go the non-traditional route through an elopement. And no, we’re not talking drive-through in Vegas; we’re talking on a cliffside in Yosemite overlooking the view. Leaving your family’s opinions behind, as well as Uncle Jim’s iPad photography.

There are many good reasons to consider eloping instead of having a traditional wedding. Here are a few:


Couple's private elopement on a sailboat

The number one thing people say after their wedding day is that it went by so fast and they barely remember it. How baffling, right?! You spend all that time and effort, but then it’s gone in the blink of an eye. You barely spend time with your new spouse and you spend the whole time talking to your relatives that your mom made you invite.

With an elopement, you’re able to have a more intimate and personal wedding experience. You can focus on each other and your love, rather than trying to please a large group of guests. This helps you build more meaningful memories during your first moments as a married couple, rather than a blurred collection of conversations.

Less Stress

There is so much to do when planning a large traditional wedding. This is stressful and time-consuming. While there’s still plenty to plan for an elopement, it allows you to skip all of the tiny details like what color the napkins will be and focus on enjoying your special day.

In most elopements, you’ll see just a few primary vendors hired – someone to capture your day (I may know a great photographer), someone to provide food, and someone to doll you up. And with me as your photographer, I’ll also help with all the other details around permits, timeline planning, etc.


Couple's first dance on a waterfall ledge during elopement

Elopements can be an exciting adventure and allow you to have a unique and memorable wedding experience. You’re in control of the day, and you get to decide how you want to spend that first day as a married couple – whether it’s bungie jumping in unity, hiking up a mountain, taking a boat ride, or just hanging out in your own backyard.

And I personally can’t think of a better way to start a new phase of life with your partner than going on an adventure together. I help plan elopement activities for all of my couples, but you can check out some ideas here.


Eloping allows you to fully customize your wedding to reflect your personalities and style. You can have a ceremony that is completely unique and tailored to you, rather than following traditional wedding norms. We can trade the garter toss, cake cutting, bouquet toss in the banquet hall, and we can include new tattoos, jeep ride, or helicopter ride.

The celebration also doesn’t have to be over just because the day ended. Multi-day elopements allow you to turn your celebration into an adventure because you’re building your own schedule doing what you want, instead of spending your night talking to the 15th person in a row about how much they hate their hotel room. And what’s even better, I’ll even help you plan out what to do and your schedule so we can make sure your day is absolutely perfect.

Overall, eloping is be a great option for those adventurous and authentic couples who want to have a meaningful and intimate wedding experience without the stress and expense of a traditional wedding. If you’re ready to plan yours, get in touch today!

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